Friday, January 15, 2010

Special guests sit in as Led Zeppelin tribute band jams on Aerosmith, Ted Nugent

When you play a show in New York, you can expect some special guests show up. That's exactly what happened when Philadelphia-based Led Zeppelin tribute band Get the Led Out played the Nokia Theater in Times Square one week ago, on Jimmy Page's birthday.

Their Jan. 9 show saw the presence of a few special guests, which even spilled over onto the stage. Singer and guitarist Derek St. Holmes joined Get the Led Out during the show to jam out on Ted Nugent's memorable solo from "Stranglehold."

Also joining them for that song was Graham Whitford, the son of Aerosmith's Brad Whitford. The young guitarist, whose father once recorded an album with St. Holmes, traded licks on "Stranglehold" and also shared the lead on "Sweet Emotion."

Before the show, caught up with Get the Led Out singer Paul Sinclair, who discussed his affection for Aerosmith, particularly Steven Tyler, who with Robert Plant is one of two singers he's often told he resembles in terms of his singing style and stage presence.

"Those are the two vocalists that I spent my life focusing on, so I guess when I decided I was gonna be a rock singer and, you know, to hell with college or whatever else, the reason was because I had such a passion and love for that music that Steven Tyler and Robert Plant had involvement with," Sinclair said. "So I just immersed myself in that stuff, so I guess you could call me a two-trick pony."

Listen to part one of my interviews with Get the Led Out singer Paul Sinclair and guitarist Paul Hammond here.
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Update: Part two, in which Sinclair and Hammond discuss the genre of Led Zeppelin imitators and various trends in rock music, is also available.
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